Friday, December 30, 2011

My Year Ender

" A new beginning is perhaps the best time to say… It’s so nice to know you…
And here’s wishing our friendship continues to grow in the days to come. "

To end the year right, I wanted to make a special entry of things that I should be thankful to 2011.

Workwise, this year has been a generous one. Being the top Specialist in the travel field in the account that I am with is the first achievement I've made in the first quarter. On the third, I was then assigned to be a mentor to the new folks in the operations floor and on the last quarter, being promoted as one of the Lead OIC.

I can't thank enough the people who guided and trusted me. I won't be in this position if not because of you. To my friend, mentor and former supervisor Mr. Renan Navarro, I owe you bigtime. To my damas and friends, I won't this knowledgeable about the account if not because of you. To my former micro teams, thank you for the good and positive feedbacks, if not because of those, I won't be in this position.

To my closest friends, I thank you for the trust and for always boosting my morale and confidence whenever I'm down. I wouldn't have the courage to continue if not because of those advises.

To my college barkada, thank yo guys for relieving me from stress whenever I visit home. I thank you for always being there and for spending your precious time just to be with me. Because of those laughters, jokes, gossips that we've shared with I won't have the energy to go back to work. Thank you.

To the family of my partner. To lola and lolo, thank you for the wonderful treatment and accommodation. To Tita Carol and to her partner Ate Gina, thank you for the acceptance. To Ken-ken and Jayson, you guys have been great eversince. Your Kuya and I doesn't have to explain what's between us. I've always been thankful to both of you for the support eversince. You've always been a witness from the start. Thank you brothers-in-law? And lastly, to Tita Jocelyn, mama of my dearest partner. Thank you for accepting me as the partner of your son. This may not be the usual set-up yet you have accepted me with no questions asked. Thank you Tita, it means a lot to me.  

To my family, I don't want to say thank you, because this word is not enough to describe how grateful I am for having you guys. You will always be the most important people of my life. I seldom say this to all of you, but I always mean it. I love you. To my caring mama, I love you. To my hardworking Tatay, I love you and to my ever naughty siblings,  I love you. I'll always be here for all of you.

And lastly, to my Honey, Ryan Jay. I'm thankful that I've met you 4 years ago. I should say I'm the luckiest person to have you as my partner. Thank you for being there always. I may nag you at times, I maybe melodramatic, I may hate you, I may not call nor text you. I may not see you always but there is one thing that I would always do, that would be to love you. 

I can't say how many years will be added to our relationship, but one thing is for sure, if things will not be the way that we've imagined, I'll always hang-on to that promise that you've made. That you will not leave me FOREVER. 

From this day forward, I'll be your lawfully wedded partner. I'll love and cherish our relationship until the end. Till death do us part. 

Hayan, tapos na ang ka-emohan sa taon na ito. 

New year will be here in a couple of hours.

Enjoy everyone...!!!

Let's start the year with a blast.

Til Next Time,


Friday, December 09, 2011

Spell Busy? D-I-O-S-A

" Do the things that you've always dreamed of doing NOW. Don’t postpone them. My dad loved to be in the outdoors, but he was always so busy as a school principal that he didn't give himself that pleasure very often. He was going to do all his fishing and hiking when he retired, but he never lived that long. He dies of cancer at 63. It was pretty wrenching to not only see him suffer so badly but also to realize that he had been cheated out of his dream. "
~ Fred Matheny

Grabe na talaga ang pag busy ko nowadays. 

Last 27 November until December 1, umuwi kami n J sa Leyte. Muntik nang hindi matuloy ang lakad na ito dahil sa mga pagbabago lagi ng schedule ko sa office most specially at madami kaming bagong agents na pumapasok. Pero sa awa ng manager ko, nagawan naman ng paraan.

I met the rest of the family sa province at sya din sa family ko. Kulang na lang talaga ay mamanhikan na sya, chos. Naging maganda naman ang pagtanggap ng entire family saken. Medyo may iba lang na hindi maganda ang mga nasabi kasi sa kakitiran ng utak nila. Si J pa nga mismo ang nagsabi saken.

J : Alam mo bang kumakalat na tsismis dito na mag-asawa na daw tayo. Sinabi ng Tito ko at medyo disappointed sya.
Ako : Eh anong sagot mo?
J : Hindi ako kumibo, wala naman akong pakialam dun. Basta alam natin kung anong meron tayo.

Tinanong ko pa nga sya nun kung anong sinabi ng Tita nya nung mag request sya na isama ako sa lakad ng family.

Ako : Anong sabi nina Tita Carol about saten?
J : Hindi na nila kailangang itanong yun, very obvious na. Mabait ka daw sabi nila.

Natuwa ako sa pagtanggap saken ng pamilya nya. In fact yung lola nya pa mismo ang nakipag-inuman nung last night ng bakasyon namen.

I may not be introduced sa mga katrabaho nya as his partner because of some circumstance, at least the family knows I exist.

Pagbalik naman sa office nung December 2, back to a busy work schedule naman and after 3 days, magandang balita naman ang bumungad saken.

I was then promoted as a Lead sa office. And the more shocking news was, walang time na magprepare for the transition kasi kinabukasan din ang simula ko. Sabi nga ng mentor and friend ko, " Just don't be overwhelmed with the responsibility, I know you can do it. "

A lot of blessings came in this December which I am very thankful to God.

Sa mga taong nagtiwala at sumuporta saken, salamat ng madami. Hindi kayo mabibigo.

Parang Oscars Award lang ang statement ko.

I'll write more entries sa mga recent events pag naayos ko na ang schedule ko.

To everyone, mauna na akong bumati.


Til Next Time,