Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Finally...100% Over na Ako

Last night I played the song " Art of Letting Go " over and over and now, finally I can say " I am totally over you". This will be my last entry about us.

I missed the days when we used to write letters for each other. Until now, I still have them. Before, it leaves a bitter tastes when I read them, now it's diifferent. It simply puts a smile on my lips. Not because I know once you loved me but because I know that this has been one of the most romantic story that I experienced and witnessed.

If I am to be given a chance to write one last letter for you, this will be it.

To my Dearest Jhe,

How are you? I hope you're doing great. Well, it's been a long time since we met. I can't really imagine before how it happened. One day, I just simply asked for your number and was introduced the following day in a party and the rest is history.

I miss the old times when we used to chat every afternoon. Ang pagtakas mo para lang makapunta sa bahay. Ang inuman natin habang may asukal kontra allergies. You used to be allergic to alcoholic drinks. Higit sa lahat, the little private talks that we have while were just simply lying in my bed. The letters that you used to write for me, your brothers who used to be our secret messengers. I miss those kids.

But I guess, this is just how the way it should end. I just wanted to write this letter to thank you. Through you, I've felt how to be loved and to love selflessly. Thank you for all of the efforts to sneak every afternoon from your grandmother although we both know if she finds out, she'll definitely scold you. I appreciate it so much. The romantic gestures and for all the care when we used to be with each other.

Thank you, that you didn't deny me from your cousins when I went to your house. You have been even proud to have me meet them and be introduced as your lover. But most of all for introducing me to your mom.

I know it has been a true feeling that you used to have for me, but I guess not all things really lasts forever.

You were able to lend a good job. Congratulations.

Just take care of your brothers, of Lola and Tita and most of all of yourself.

This will not be I love you goodbye, just a simple thank you and gooodbye.

From your former love,


Ang drama ko na naman. Pero promise ito na ang last. Finally, I am 100% over you.

Til Next Time,


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