Thursday, April 07, 2011

My Little Angel

" This is unexpected on my part. Totally shocked with your arrival but fulfilled and happy that you are here my baby, my little angel. "

Eto ang aking dearest pamangkin, si Matt Kristoff.

My Little Angel. Thank you baby for coming to our lives. You may have come sooner than I expected, but it's all fine. Tita/Tito will always be here for you I promise. I'm glad I will have the chance to guide you as you grow up together with you Papa and Mama. Someday you might read this write-up about you. I just wanted to tell you. I love you very much my little angel.

Ang tagal ko ng gustong magkaanak at ngayon na dumating ka na, Baby Kito, I'm more inspired to continue life because of you.

See you soon baby.

Til Next Time,


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