Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Day with M. Episode 2

" You'll always be the princess or even the queen of my dreams. "

Around 7 a.m. I was awaken by the sound of my cellphone's ringing tone. Mario was calling. I hurriedly answered his phone call.

Me : Hi Mario. I'm sorry I was so tired last night I just woke up.
Mario : That's okay baby. I can always wait for you even for forever. Anyway, I'm here infront of your hotel waiting. Get dressed and we'll spend the whole day together.

Me : ( While on twitterpated feelings. ) Oh Mario, your making me smile early this morning. Thank you. I'll be downstairs in no time.

Mario : It's my duty to always make the one I love smile. Can't wait to see my princess.

I then ended up the call and hurriedly took a shower. I decided to wear a skinny jeans, an oversized long-sleeved white top and wedges. Grabbed on the chanel pouch he sent me together with the Hermes bag and put on the D&G shades he gave me last night and huriedly went downstairs. He was with his car right across the front of the hotel.

He waved at me.

Me : I'm sorry to keep you waiting here, why didn't you wait for me at the hotel lobby.
Mario : I can't leave the car here baby. I didn't bring any driver along so we can spend the whole day together alone.
I gave him a timid-looking smile. He grabbed my hands and smiled back.

Mario : Why don't we leave the car behind let's commute. It'll be more fun. What do you think baby?

Me : That's okay with me. Anyway, I wanted to see every corner of Bangkok and we can't do that if were bringing the car along.

Mario : Alright, just wait for me here and I'll be back in a minute. I'll just leave the car in the parking area of the hotel.

We took a taxi to the Siam Square. He let me feel the local slice of life in his hometown. The whole morning was spent touring the whole area of the Siam Square. The weather is not hot, though it's sunny. Just simply perfect for walking under the sun. He was holding my hands the whole time which made me feel more secured.

We had lunch at Amontre Restaurants in  Fraser Suites. I ordered the Rocket Salad while he has the Toasted Focaccia with Pesto.

Mario : Is that all you're going to eat? No wonder why your thin. I'll order more and you have to eat it all okay?
He demanded while smiling.

Mario : I want you to gain a little. You look malnourished.

Me : You are so mean.

I told him while looking straight in the eyes.
Mario : I was just joking baby. I don't care about how you look because I know you're more than that. I love you.
Which melted my heart for the nth time again. We had a very heavy meal that time.

Mario : Another friend of mine wants to meet you tonight. Do you know Pchy?

Me : Your partner in the movie Love of Siam.

Mario : Yes. I told him you coming so he wanted to see you tonight. We'll have dinner together with some other friends. I wanted to let them know that I already found you. But of course, it will depend on your approval.

While looking at him shyly.
Me : Mario? Arent this too early for this kind of stuff? I mean, you barely know me, neither do I to you?
Mario : Baby, don't  hesitate about this. I know from the moment I saw you, I know I found the one I've waited to be with, forever.
Me : I like you. I'm sure about that but I don't know if I'm in lonve with you.

Mario : Don't worry about it baby. As I told you before, don't be in a hurry with your feelings for me. I just wanted to let you know how I feel.
Me : Your kind. Thank you for everything.

Mario : Not yet, a lot is more to come.
After lunch we headed to the floating market where he bought presents for my parents and friends. He called up his PA to bring it to my hotel. Later that evening, we had dinner with his friends at The Celadon in Silom.

Here's the rest of the group with Mario. He then introduced me to them.

Mario : Guys, I'd like you to meet the one I'm in love with, Megs.

Pchy : ( While reaching his hand for a handshake. ) Nice to meet you. My friend is lucky to have met you first.

I was blushing the whole time, while he was saying this.

Pchy : Megs, my friend here has been bragging about you and well I guess everything he said was true.

Me : I don't know what he told you but thank you guys for the warm welcome.

I smiled shyly at them. That was such an akward moment yet I'm glad that he has been so proud of just even knowing me. His friends were cool most specially Pchy. We went to the hotel at around 11 PM.
Mario : It'll be your flight later at 2:00 AM. Let's get your things then.

Me : Mario, thanks for the wonderful time. It has been a romantic experience being with you.

Mario : This is just the beginning baby. I should be the one thanking you for coming over on your restday. You don't know how flattered and happy I am that you accepted my invitation. I've got one more thing to give you.

He grabbed my left arm and put on this bracelet.
A whitegold diamond studded bracelet.

Me : Mario, you don't have to give me this expensive bracelet. You don't have to impress me with all of this.

Mario : This are nothing compared to the gift you gave me.

Me : What gift?

Mario : Being with me.

Me : ( Teary eyed. ) I don't even know what you've seen in me but I appreciate all the things and  everything you're doing.

Mario : You're welcome baby. You'll be my princess and my queen forever.

He accompanied me at the airport as I waited for the departure of my flight. Good thing he knows the head of security so he got the privilege to go to the waiting area even.

Mario : Text me once you arrive in Manila. I'll miss you teribbly. I'll be the one to come over next week.

Me : I will. Thanks again for everything and for the wonderful experience.

Mario : I love you baby and I will always will.

Me : I can't say i love you for now Mario, but I like you.

Mario : That's more than enough for now. I'll wait until the day you learn to say you love me too.

I headed then to the gate and bade my farewell smile.

Mario : ( Looking so sadly yet smiling at me. ) I'll miss you so much baby. I'll see you next week in Manila.

Huh? Nasabi ko sa sarili, may basura sa airport ng Bangkok ( BKK ) ? Blagg..

Nahulog ako sa kama. Nyetang basurero yan. Sayang panaginip lang pala. Pero next time Mario, this will be so true.

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